I met Becky long before she was a a bride, probably 5 years before. Back when I was in college I worked with her at Starbucks. We reconnected when she and Paul sat at my bar rail on their day off! The wedding day at Eagle's Ridge was beautiful and Sunny, which translates to the high 80's in Gilroy California. The sun set behind the high hills of Heckler Pass in a very clear sky. Favorite shot has to be the bridesmaids giving their friend a hug as the sun dropped behind the hills. There was an old looking clock overhead, that served as a reminder that time passes by.


09/16/2015 2:50pm

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04/15/2016 7:13am

Wonderful photography, photographer took the each and every moment in a handsome way. It seems like a happy family together on a special event, Marriage is a life time event and with your elders it becomes truly memorable. It put a smile on your face when you gets old and watch back after looking those pictures.

04/30/2016 4:07am

Amazingly captured the moments of bride and groom from start to till end and it was a memorable day for the bride and groom. The Photographer share the memorable joys of both.

07/18/2016 3:23pm

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