This would be the second time I worked with Michelle and Danny, the first being their engagement shoot. For their ceremony and reception, they chose the Holly Farm located in Carmel Valley, CA. The Holly Farm is secluded from the world with winding paths and private sun-filled cottages tucked away among exotic paths, towering bamboo, banana trees and sweetly scented blossoms. It was a very fun fast paced day! Hands down one of the most animated wedding parties I've shot! Looking at the pictures now, you can see Michelle and Danny's love for one another come across in the photos :)


09/16/2015 2:50pm

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04/21/2016 11:37pm

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06/17/2017 8:29pm

Congratulations to the newly weds, Michelle and Danny! Obviously, the party was organized very well. The venue was perfect and has a magical vibe. I am sure the guests and the couple itself enjoyed the whole event. Well, this is just the beginning for Michelle and Danny. There are more things to come, some are good but some are bad too. But I know their love for each other is enough for them to survive!

08/13/2017 12:11am

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