It's always a nice compliment when a fellow photographer asks you to shoot their wedding. So was pretty pleased when I found out Steve was a photographer and that he liked my work. He and May wanted to get married on Asilomar Beach in Pebble Beach (great idea)! What was perfect was the overcast with just enough light peaking through the clouds for dramatic shots. The beach can be a nightmare without proper coverage (trust me I've experienced it). Anyways, everything turned out great and they were a pleasure to shoot!


03/28/2016 5:54am

What a beautiful place has chosen by May and Steve for their marriage and we can see too much love for each other in their life that is very important to be together and i appreciate it.

05/02/2017 11:24pm

What a serene place to conduct a wedding. You two have a nice taste of place. Asilomar Beach is a lovely place for a beach wedding. Anyway, you have hired a good photographer for your wedding. I bet you are already together for three years now, but still I want to say congratulations to both of you, Steve and May! Best wishes and stay in love with each other!

07/14/2016 4:34am

This is a very nice couple and every person is doing the wedding onetime in your life. Every person is select is the very best place for wedding and spend the happy life with your family.


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