This was a fun shoot with Diana! She has a lot of character and knows how to convey it on camera! We shot just before sunset in Camel Valley. Diana has a collection of dresses, but the one she chose for our shoot perfectly complimented the greenery in the forest. While I mostly use natural light for this shoot, I decided to use a little flash work also. I dropped in the light directly over head with the beauty dish and I also splashed it on the left and right to create a little more drama in the photos later on in the shoot.


03/29/2016 3:36am

I really like the dress of Diana and she is really looking amazing because she made some most beautiful poses specially when she is sitting on that border of wood and her hair style also looking nice.

06/01/2017 6:41pm

Aside from the good model, Camel Valley is a good place for a photo shoot session with a concept like this. Seriously speaking, I love all the photos I am seeing right now! It's true that Diana has an impressive modelling skills, and it wouldn't be a surprise for me if a day will come that she will be a professional TV and Print model. There's so much potential I can see in her.

04/09/2016 3:00am

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04/11/2016 2:56am

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03/21/2017 7:29pm

I truly amazed with Diana. She knows how to project perfectly on the camera. When I was a child, my dream is to become a model but now I realized that I don't know how to project on the camera. Maybe being a model is not for me. I'm happy that Diana has a talent like this. She is so beautiful and natural born for this kind of passion. For the overall this is a great blog. I really love it.


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