Last year was a pretty successful year for Loose Tie Photography. It's crazy think I've only been in business for a year :) I already have handful of days booked this year and looking forward to more. I'm going to make a few changes this year…

1. I have a new look to my website! I like it, I hope you do too ;)

2. I'm going to start blogging reviews and also give advice on purchasing. I know one of the harder things to know as a photographer is what to buy! There's way too much equipment out there. I'm going to make suggestions and provide solid reasoning and hopefully save people time and money.

3. So I learned to take photographs in a year's time so… this year I'm learning video! With that I'm learning Adobe after effects. Let's see how multi-dimensional I can be :)

4. I'm also going to be vlogging too. If you don't know what that is it's blogging, but with video… v-logging lol. Time to start learning about video lighting and audio… yikes. 

5. I'm going to make an effort of documenting myself on shoots and at weddings. For myself and for your entertainment. 

Ummmm… I think that's it. Maybe I should have something cliche I do at the end of these blogs. Idk, maybe just throw a random photo I've taken at the end?



03/12/2016 4:43am

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03/21/2016 1:38pm

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05/12/2017 7:08pm

It's true that a new year is a new chapter for all of us to do something different. Happy new year! I am glad you had a new look of your website. It is more presentable now! At the same time, we are happy you started making video blogs. Fresh ideas are coming out from your mind. I love it! You have a lot of things to offer to your followers. That's a great way to start the year!


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