I love this couple. They are so close and so in love. One of the biggest tear jerking moments I've ever been present for happened at this wedding. Before dinner Chris made a speech about how he loves retreating to the mountains and skiing. He said that at the top of the hill theres that overwhelming God experience. Then he told Kim that she was his mountain top, the best experience he could have. Those are moments that I love capturing on camera.  The reception was in the beautiful Card Room of the Pebble Beach Lodge. It was overcast all morning, but broke right after the ceremony, very coincidental ;) 
Amanda and Lon were my first clients located a decent distance away. Their venue was Reyes Vineyards located in Agua Dulce, California, about a 5 hour drive from Monterey. The ceremony was on a green lawn with the vineyard as a backdrop. The sun was kept the temperature in the high 80's, but the dining area was tented and there was a nice breeze! Being at a vineyard, there was a wide variety of varietals being served... nice!!!