For this photo of the week it was… a Meteor… and I'm a super hero…. maybe villain.

Canon 5D Mark III/ Sigma 35mm DG Art
Shutter 1/100" f/9.0 ISO-50

I had previously shot this photo as my profile pic for my site awhile ago. This was one of my failed photos because my Elinchrom Ranger didn't fire so I was under exposed! After looking at the photo again recently, it reminded me of that scene in movies when someone is walking away from a BIG explosion or cars crashing casually.  Sooooo I decided to put at little post production into the photo to make it more epic (my favorite word… most of the time).

Here's the image straight out of the camera.
Here's before I placed flames in my hand instead of the camera.
I need to incorporate this into a shoot with a model…. Someday soon.

For this week's photo of the week it was late night hiking….

Canon 5D Mark III/ 16-35mm f/2.8L II
Shutter 2" f/2.8 ISO-800

It's still winter time and the sun is setting pretty early. So my friend calls me around 7;00 to ask me if I wanted to go hiking… in the dark. It was a full moon out and clear so of course I said yes! We made it to the top of Garland Park in Carmel California and I had an idea. Why don't I look like I'm looking at a GPS and traveling the mountain range… 

The main light is completely providing by the moon. The phone had a large screen and gave the perfect rim light for my face and hand. The stars are composited from a shot a took at the same exact spot @ f/22. I was definitely using a tripod :) I think the eye can make a nice and easy transition from the the phone and I, to the mountain's lumpiness, to the stars in the sky.