This wedding was three different destinations in one day! We started off at The Portola Plaza Hotel to get ready, Carmel River State Beach for the ceremony, and The Perry House for the reception. Sedona and Jesse are two of the kindest friendliest couples you will ever meet. Good vibes all day long, amazing wedding part, and amazing sets of parents. Jesse's ring has the Colorado Rockies etched into it, which is cool because they couple went to CU together! They had a memory box to open in the future... I forget how many years though lol. Anyways, the box had the ocean which they love, and the Rockies etched into it too. I'm always impressed by little details like that :) My first time shooting at the historic Perry House and it went amazing. Can't wait to shoot it again!
What happens when you work your timeline around photography? You get a ton of different locations for your portraits :) This wedding was a ton of fun and one of my favorites of the year. We got to shoot in the park, on the wharf, in the Memory Garden, and a top the Marriott with a crazy view of Monterey Bay. The best part was the walk with the bridal party from the hotel to the Memory Garden. I've never seen a group of girls have so much fun walking 1/2 a mile lol. My secondary shooter was sick for this wedding and I had Haley replace her somewhat last minute! But everything turned out amazing in the and she did an amazing job!