It's always a nice compliment when a fellow photographer asks you to shoot their wedding. So was pretty pleased when I found out Steve was a photographer and that he liked my work. He and May wanted to get married on Asilomar Beach in Pebble Beach (great idea)! What was perfect was the overcast with just enough light peaking through the clouds for dramatic shots. The beach can be a nightmare without proper coverage (trust me I've experienced it). Anyways, everything turned out great and they were a pleasure to shoot!
This was a fun shoot with Diana! She has a lot of character and knows how to convey it on camera! We shot just before sunset in Camel Valley. Diana has a collection of dresses, but the one she chose for our shoot perfectly complimented the greenery in the forest. While I mostly use natural light for this shoot, I decided to use a little flash work also. I dropped in the light directly over head with the beauty dish and I also splashed it on the left and right to create a little more drama in the photos later on in the shoot.